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After the failure of the climate models some specialists like peter Turchin bail ship and look for another funding to tap. And because you can proof anything with a computer model the hunt for greenbacks is on. R de Haan; I know that you have a very strong belief structure. I have read many of your comments over the last few years. Churches are just creations of men, religious dogma or buildings, they are all man made. Some are impressive in complexities and pomp.

Organized religion is not needed for a belief in the concept of GOD. Organized political parties are not needed for the belief in the need for Kings, Emperors, or Elected Leaders. I have encountered people that were desperate for someone or something to believe in as they felt at a loss for direction or justification in their existence. These are fodder for manipulators to further their own aims. They all use this need for belief in something or someone to follow.

Sera; Thankyou for the link to the Forbes page, both the article on darklink and the Rand quoit on civilization. What about a fuel up every… century? Civilization is the process of setting man free from men. Yes, there are a lot of sorrow asses roaming the planet. Never learned to think for themselves. Lost, even in the era of GPS navigation. One other youtube with stunning images from Israel. Take Aurellio Peccei, the founder of the Club of Rome. If a thorium powered car became a reality then where would the government shift the missing fuel tax load?

And forgot to say thanks to R de Haan for the Thorium car link. Surely a much better way to spend research dollars and subsidies than battery powered cars. When you get home, plug the car in to the house and power the household hot water, heating and electricity needs. Alas, human arrogance is almost as widely distributed as human stupidity.

Having said that, it certainly does what it says it does. There is an override provided for those who might want to watch movies etc. So yes, if like Mrs. This may be less of an issue for those with younger eyesight. We see how Nixon betrayals the American public and the world, we see how Obama betrayals the American public and the world.

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We have this great opportunity to harvest rare earth materials and Thorium. We can power the entire world at a price of USD What do we get instead? LTFR advantages in a a minute:. Just like Norway which has the third biggest stack of Thorium and the sufficient coal to power the world for the next 3. It would be wonderful if the USA decided to lead in this field but that seems unlikely given the corruption of our ruling elites.

Will it matter? Not at all for humanity at large but the baton of leadership will pass to a nation with more honest government. Iran has the capability to develop Thorium based MSRs. Chiefio, As a Brit I know that you are right to doubt the quality of the British health care system. In I had a varicose vein removed from my left leg long saphenous in the Meriden hospital in Warwickshire. The hygeine of my recovery ward was so gross that I discharged myself against my physicians advice and vowed never to enter a British hospital again.

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Since taking up residence in the USA I have had only two hospitalizations and both were highly satisfactory. These folks were amazing and a couple of years later my wife had similar surgery at DUMC. Even though the surgeons did not offer a family discount we were delighted. In spite of these highly positive experiences I am not in favor of the American approach to health care. Many of the issues raised in the video cited by J.

Martin are valid:. On this, my first trip to the USA, I experienced more than just culture shock owing to arriving just in time to experience a hurricane; the Attica prison riots; plumes of smoke rising every day as apartment buildings were torched; dreadful roads; Carnegie Hall and other famous buildings falling apart. American gangster movies were quite popular in the United Kingdom back then but that did not prepare me for the reality of organized crime.

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Two large crates containing the equipment and literature needed for the show were sent over 3, miles by air from the United Kingdom to New York. My first task on arrival was to arrange transport for the crates from JFK to the New York Coliseum, a distance of 35 miles. The first trucking company quoted a price that was close to what I had paid for air freight across the Atlantic.

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The cost was so outrageous that I spent an entire day trying to get a reasonable quote from a dozen trucking companies until someone took pity on me and explained that there was only one price and it was set by La Cosa Nostra LCN. The freight rates out of JFK were still unreasonably high, a clear indication that the LCN had managed to retain control throughout the 12 years since my first visit.

How was such a thing possible when it was common knowledge to everyone who did business via the New York airports? Over time I was to learn that the freight out of JFK was just a minor part of LCN operations involving trucking companies supported by labor unions that controlled garbage collection, concrete, the garment business and much more.

Consumers could complain though nothing would be done as long as the LCN was intimidating competitors while greasing its connections in government and law enforcement. The situation could have continued indefinitely if the FBI had not decided to mount a series of high profile operations targeting the Luchese crime family in the s.

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While organized crime is still flourishing it is under increasing pressure from a variety of law enforcement agencies that use the publicity from prosecutions of major crime figures very effectively. Sadly, a new Mafia has risen up that poses a much greater threat to the people of this country than the old one ever could owing to its immense scale and the fact that it is not regarded as a criminal conspiracy. Nevertheless it involves the corruption of government at all levels and the exploitation of the general public, especially the most vulnerable of our citizens.

If goods and services cost far more than is reasonable it is usually a sign that corruption is present.

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  • Corruption costs money and the cost is passed on to consumers. Our expenditures per capita are typically double those of our major trading competitors and comparisons are far less favorable with low cost providers of health care such as many Latin American countries. The rate of growth is even more alarming. In medical expenditures accounted for 5. By the year expenditures had risen to To reduce this to things that matter to individual consumers I made comparisons of medical procedures for an uninsured person in Sarasota, Florida with comparable procedures in Mexico, Costa Rica and Colombia.

    How did things get so bad? According to several experts we are suffering from a perfect storm caused by the alignment of many powerful forces capable of manipulating the health care market to benefit themselves. The American Medical Association ensures high salaries for doctors by limiting the number of people trained in this country and placing barriers for foreign doctors who wish to practice here.

    The drug companies prefer developing products that will make money e. Viagra to working on ones that reduce human suffering. The Federal Drug Administration is a wholly owned subsidiary of the drug industry, working hard to prevent people from obtaining cheaper drugs. Health Management Organizations exist to make money while dragging down the quality of service experienced by the general public. Trial lawyers drive up the costs of malpractice litigation, getting rich while smugly pretending to be standing up for the victims of the medical colossus.

    What can be done? The present system appears to be beyond hope of reform. The conspiracy is so huge and its members so powerful that there is no hope of it being declared a criminal enterprise.

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    The medical industry will continue to increase its share of our GDP, pauperizing pensioners and destroying once mighty companies such as General Motors. At some point there will be a revolt; let it be soon. Great and well written contribution Galloping Camel. In Europe the costs to register a new prescription drug is about 3 billion euro.

    EU regulations and procedures require the process to start with the filing of a patent and a minimum of 7 years research in vivo. That leaves a very short period of time to retrieve the initial investment. In the mean time markets are flooded with parallel imports a. Big farma is demonized by the establishment, health insurance premiums require a personal contribution that increases every year and depending on income requires a substantial contribution as part of the income tax.

    At the same time the amount of services covered by the insurance is reduced every year. More effort is done to promote prevention. That is one of the big reasons why we see a decline of in the introduction of prescription drugs. This only to line the pockets from the people gaming the entire system. You are right, we need some kind of revolution to change this but the most efficient way is to reduce government. Brainwashed young people are wakening and they are pissed at the idea that they are hostage to the costs of the Liberal Progressive dream of their predecessors. The Obamanation will attempt to rule by decree and regulation as they have lost popularity due to overreach and incompetence.

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    Just as the swing to the left has gone on for years, the swing is now to the right will be hard to stall. The communication of people through the Internet will get things done quickly, as needed, without the cost and interference and delay of bureaucrat greed and well connected insider payola. When I arrived in the USA in it was demonstrably the greatest nation in the world. Probably the greatest nation that ever was. I was hoping to make some small contribution to making it even better.