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Israel will fall to the sword of the Assyrian. Hosea agreed with every word. In this regard Hosea maintained that Israel had forsaken God, and God would hide himself from Israel — but not forever. God would inflict horrific wounds upon Israel, painful beyond imagining, but these wounds would prove to be the incisions of the surgeon. So said Hosea. Where Amos raged, Hosea raged too — and then wept. Where Amos denounced, Hosea denounced too — and then pleaded.

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Who were these men? Amos was a shepherd-cowboy who lived in Tekoa, a wilderness area in the south of Israel much like the area that gave us John the Baptist years later.

Hosea, on the other hand, lived in a fertile, affluent area in the north of Israel. While both men suffered as only a prophet can suffer when God in his immensity leans on the prophet, Hosea also suffered atrociously on account of his domestic situation. Hosea suffered the heartbreak and humiliation and seeming hopelessness of a husband whose wife has violated their marriage covenant and disgraced herself through her shameless promiscuity.

Hosea had a wife, Gomer. Gomer derailed.

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She traipsed off to the marketplace, Square One, and prostituted herself there day after day. Business was good. She became notorious. And the more notorious she became, the more her business expanded. Customers were many and precautions were few. She became pregnant, an occupational hazard of prostitutes. Hosea believed his people had to suffer through a period when God was silent; when God seemed remote; or if not remote then at least inaccessible.

Matters had to get worse for people to come to their senses; only then could matters get better. Years later Hosea trudged with heavy step and heavier heart yet with undeflectable resolve; Hosea trudged down to Square One where crude men taunted him about the woman who had become the talk of the town and at whom men leered. The woman, of course, was Gomer, his wife. Gomer had disgraced herself, degraded herself, and, not least, made a fool of herself.

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And she knew it. Having reached rock-bottom, she wanted to come home. Could she come home? Whatever made her think she could? How presumptuous of her to think there was a home to come home to. With what some people would incorrectly call sheer good luck she found in her husband a mercy that was as constant as it was incomprehensible. Then she could come home, right away — except for one matter yet to be settled. She had sold herself to a pimp. Only fifteen? Thirty shekels was the price of a slave. Gomer had lowered herself lower than the lowest? Gomer was dirt-cheap. The day Hosea parted with fifteen shekels he was publicly identified with his worthless wife.

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The cachet surrounding her became the cachet surrounding him. Her reputation was his; her disgrace his. But only one thing mattered: she was home again, home with him. We, the church, are the bride of Christ. Our unfaithfulness has made the church a laughing stock to those who make no profession of faith. Yet God has purchased us not for half the price of a slave but at a price he alone comprehends.

Desperate man.

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Psalm Matata Rae - Broken Umbrella. The Prophet is a book of 26 prose poetry fables written in English by the Lebanese-American poet and writer Kahlil Gibran. It was originally published in by Alfred A.


It is Gibran's best known work. O Lord, make you a source of blessing, in the name of Jesus. The prophet Jeremiah was born in the seventh century BC and lived during a period of crisis for the Kingdom of Judah. His ministry spanned the time before and after the fall of Jerusalem to the Babylonians. He was called to prophecy at a young age and supported the reform of the pious King Josiah of Judah, who reigned from to BC. However idolatry returned to Judah following his reign. The prophet Jeremiah is recorded four times in Second Chronicles , and is listed in the Book of Ezra Jeremiah is probably most noted for his prophecy on the 70 years of the Babylonian Captivity of the Jewish people Jeremiah , Daniel