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Will there be a direct-listing IPO? Sign up for a daily newsletter defining what matters in business and markets Email. Luckily it started feeling better and I could get back to running. The pain continued to come back for the remainder of the race. The last miles were spent run-walking. As I came into Central Park, I had two miles to go. I thought I could run it in from there, but was once again reduced to intervals. Central Park is a very special place.

The leaves were in full color, it was spectacular. Before I left for NY, Carolyn and everyone kept telling me to just soak it all up, look around and enjoy myself. I made a special point to do just that. I watched the people, looked at the trees the architecture and so on. That was great advice for a first time NYC marathoner. Coming into the finish stretch, the street and turns were familiar from watching the marathon over the years. Just ahead I saw the the giant finish shoot and arch.

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A welcome sight for sure as I passed under the finish. And there it was, the medal, in all its glory. I had just finished the New York City Marathon. Once again, we were kindly shuffled off to a VIP tent where New Balance had our drop bag and a nice finisher bag for us. Tyler and I congratulated each other, then hobbled off a little broken in search of a ride back, a hot meal and cold beverage.

We laughed. I felt a little guilty for all of my complaining leading up. There are so many people who try for years to get in. So to have this opportunity and experience, to be treated so well by New Balance, Fleet Feet and the people of New York City is a real privilege. I hope to have the opportunity to go back one day and do it again.

Stop Getting the Wrong Things Done

And if it is, I hope you get there. Life is very interesting as you all know. After a long, hard fought battle, my dad passed away last month. And then a week later, we welcomed our two new grandchildren, Jude and his sister Veda. To say the least, August was quite the roller coaster of emotions. It was filled with sadness, great joy, and a lot of time reflecting and taking stock of my own life. At both points you see how precious and beautiful life is. Seeing the faces of our beautiful grandchildren, and knowing our daughter was safe and healthy was just incredible.

It was also great hearing all of their stories about him. Stories I had never heard.

Winning the Freedom to Marry Nationwide: The Inside Story of a Transformative Campaign

Several of his previous employees came up to tell stories about him. Many were grateful that he gave them a job and opportunity to better themselves. One had asked to borrow money from him, which he said no to. Instead, he told him to show up at his plant the next morning and he would have a clean uniform and a job waiting for him. He taught them how to fish, taught them a trade that would forever change their life. Dad taught us many things about life.

How To Create Momentum In Life

He gave me the passion and drive to be a successful businessperson and entrepreneur. I saw the kindness and respect he treated others with. I watched and listened intently as he delivered quotes and shrewdly negotiated deals with prospects. He taught us how to build, use tools and make things with our own hands. He constantly reminded us that we could accomplish and do anything. Dad would tell us emphatically that he could do anything and we believed him.

Setting SMART Goals - How To Properly Set a Goal (animated)

His confidence in himself, ultimately gave us the confidence and belief that we could as well. Give me a few minutes in the cockpit and I can fly it! It was about dressing for success and ways to be a more successful in business. He somehow knew I was destined to be a businessperson and not work in his plant in Detroit making auto parts. I read and devoured every word in that column and practiced and used every piece of advice. That ultimately introduced me to business associates and friends who were into health, fitness and running.

Who would have known, maybe he did. My brother and I liked to watch him work when we were young boys. We watched as he raised the heavy sledge hammer over his head and let it drop. I could hear the breath leave his body upon impact. When it landed, it did so with a thud that shook the earth. I remember the first blow, and as hard as it was, it barely made a crack or a chip. Then he delivered the next blow and it chipped a little more. This continued for several more uninterrupted, flawlessly delivered blows.

And then it happened, the crack grew, large pieces of jagged concrete were forming and eventually those pieces became smaller more manageable pieces. This is when I first realized what hard work was. I knew I wanted to work that hard, I wanted to work as hard as Dad. As the work continued, sweat started rolling down his face. Eventually the sweat started dripping from the end of his nose.

I wanted to work that hard and sweat just like that one day. Most things in life require a lot effort if you want to be successful and reach your goals. You have to keep raising the hammer and letting it drop repeatedly. I try to keep this in mind daily, and especially while running and training. Last night at our training run, we were scheduled for six miles of bridge repeats.

China growth target vulnerable as economy's momentum fades

But I knew if I wanted to reach my marathon goal, I needed to stick to the plan. I just kept dropping the hammer and moving forward knowing I would get it done. It turned out to be a great run and I really enjoyed it. As hard as it was, I felt very accomplished, which is what running and being active does for us. As I reflected on his life, I now see the many chess moves he made for my benefit.

Life moves on and time is flying by faster than any of us can imagine. Keep your dreams and goals close and in clear view.