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Merseyside Police welcomes any new information about unsolved cases and asks anyone who has information about such crimes to contact or Crimestoppers on Both girls were on a bike, both were sexually assaulted, their bodies were left in similar positions, each girl had her clothes disturbed in a similar way, and both were blond and bright-eyed.

The cause of death however, differed. Michela Welch died from a cut to the neck. Jennifer Bastian died from strangulation. In March , Tacoma Police revealed two different men are responsible for the murders. Robert Washburn was arrested in May DNA from the crime scene matches Washburn and was part of the discovery between the prosecution and the defense. Trial is set to for Feb. He is charged with first-degree murder. On Jan 17, the Pierce County Prosecutor's Office said Washburn's attorney asked for an appointment to change his client's plea.

In jan , Washburn was sentenced to 27 years in prison after he pled guilty to first-degree murder.

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Superior Court Judge Elizabeth Martin handed down the month sentence, a month for every year the Bastian family was robbed of their beloved child. Washburn must serve a minimum of 20 years before he is eligible for release. Ivy Batten? Police are still asking the public's help. Brian David Parsons served 15 years of a life sentence before being released on license in He has always denied the charge.

Lawyered to Death by Michael Biehl (2013, Paperback)

Parsons was convicted in after fibers from a hammer and gloves used in the break-in and the murder were found in the glove compartment of his car and in a coat he used. But the case has always aroused controversy, with Devon and Cornwall police conducting three internal reviews before an external inquiry by Hampshire police produced a highly critical report of the original investigation. Brian Neville Parsons. Could it be that the police made the same mistake? All the witnesses said the same thing: they heard several shots but nobody saw the actually shooting that took place on Dec 21, , in Champaign, Illinois.

Around 10am that day, the Beaumont siblings took the bus from their home to go to Glenelg beach. They were expected back by noon. Around 3pm, the mail carrier saw the children walking alone and away from the beach in the general direction of their home. He was familiar with the family. The mail carrier said that the children looked happy and that they greeted him. He was the last person to see them alive. This case is discussed at length on my blog.

On several occasions, police excavated an area behind the Castalloy factory but found no traces of the three missing children. On Aug 10, , Helen Whitlock found their badly decomposed bodies on her farm. The girls were tied up, partly undressed, and both shot to death. Their bodies were found in dense underbrush near the Cedar-Polk county line. Law enforcement found dragging signs so the girls were not killed where they were found. New hope to solve this case came when authorities spoke to a jail inmate who had just been arraigned for an unrelated murder.

He said he knew who killed Hazel and Cynthia. Then-Sheriff Simmons considered the man a reliable informant. His name is withheld. They said they picked up Hazel and Cynthia on Aug 4, At one point, the inmate said, one of the girls became upset because one of the men got rough with her. She fled, screaming, from the car they were in, and threatened to turn the two men in for rape. The men then drove to a spot to dump the bodies. At that spot they shot the girls again to make sure they were dead.

They then dragged the bodies into or underneath bushes and just left them there. The two men said they traded the gun at a pawn shop in Butler.

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Simmons tried to find that gun. The alleged murder weapon was long gone, and never recovered. Simmons believes the pawn shop owner had been tipped off about the gun, and got rid of it. After this in , no more new leads came in. Six days later, the same man broke in the home of Bruce and Debra Bennett.

He bludgeoned and stabbed Bruce to death and then raped-killed both Debra and their 7-year-old daughter Melissa.

The killer also shattered the face of 3-year-old Vanessa, who survived. In Aug , Alexander Christopher Ewing 57 was accused in both cases. He faces charges for six counts of first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, two counts of sexual assault on a child, burglary and five counts of committing a violent crime for killing Bruce, Debra, and Melissa Bennett.

He also faces charges for four counts of first-degree murder in the Patricia Louise Smith murder. On Dec 4, , a Nevada judge ordered Ewing's extradition to Colorado. He filed an appeal. On Nov 22, , his appeal was denied by the Nevada Supreme Court. The autopsy established her death was caused by strangulation. She was just 17 years old. Parts of the large, granite rock were saved as evidence as well as scrapings from under her fingernails.

In , investigators used the M-Vac and collected enough touch DNA from that rock to generate a full profile.

Gone Girls

On Sept 29, he was found guilty. He will serve life without parole. This may not be a murder case but there are so many unexplained issues that I am leaving it in the database for now. Coombes was seriously injured but survived. Blakelock did not. Several suspects were charged.

The last person brought to court was Nicholas Jacobs. He was found not guilty on April 9, She had been raped and strangled to death. On June 27th, her nude body was found in the nearby San Joaquin river. The gold necklace she wore was missing.

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Suzie died from one stab wound to the heart. In Dec , police announced that Mitchell Lynn Bacom 63 , original suspect in the case, was charged with murdering Suzanne Bombardier. He was held on charges of murder, kidnapping, rape and oral copulation. On Feb 8, , Bacom entered a not guilty plea.

He waived his right to a preliminary hearing within 60 days, meaning that it will probably be months before a judge makes a determination about whether he will stand trial. She didn't reciprocate his feelings. On the night Suzanne disappeared, Bacom and Stephanie had plans to meet but she blew him off. Bacom allegedly showed up anyway and took Suzanne. Since the case is eligible for the death penalty, no bail was set. The latest is that Bacom waived his right to a speedy trial. According to police, Ron Ferrengburg now deceased gave Kristy 19 and one of her girlfriends a ride to the club.

Ferrengburg told police that he did return to the club but that he could not find the girls. Kristy's maroon and white AMC Pacer was found abandoned approx. There are sadly no updates in her case. There is a reward in this case. Boulin, Robert Rambouillet, France Link Robert Boulin July 20, — Oct 30, was a French politician who served as Minister of Labour in the French Cabinet and was at the center of a major real-estate scandal that ended only because he died under mysterious circumstances.

At the time of his death he was the longest serving minister in post-revolution French history; only Louis XIV's Colbert served longer.


On Oct 29, Boulin disappeared. He was found the next day under circumstances that hint at suicide: in a pond in the forest of Rambouillet where he loved to ride horses, an empty barbiturates container was next to his car, and inside that car messages for family, friends, and colleagues. However, if you read what the first officer on the scene says, it is homicide. On June 21, the Paris Public Prosecutor met with Boulin's daughter, Fabienne Burgeat, and announced he was considering re-opening the investigation as "new evidence" had come to light.

New questions were raised but the case remained labelled a suicide. One Investigating Judge was appointed. The request for a second investigating judge was made Nov On Jan 24, a second Investigating Judge was added. He was unarmed but fought with the suspect s. They fled on foot and left items behind that will one day lead us to their identity: sunglasses, a wig, and a construction hard hat.

This means we have touch DNA and with genealogy databases we can zoom in on people with similar characteristics. Of the three, the wig seems the most interesting. Now Bowman's daughter thinks it is strange her dad answered the door unarmed considering his law enforcement and military training.