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He is with us every minute of the day — right up to the moment of our death. How do we know this is true? We know it because Jesus Christ experienced for us the greatest loneliness imaginable — the loneliness of the cross.

Heaven Is Not the Default Destination

We deserve nothing less than hell because of our sins — but Jesus took upon Himself the judgment and hell that we deserve. The fact they see light perhaps indicates the visual cortex in the brain is highly activated — and we have evidence to suggest this might be the case, because we have seen increased gamma in area of the brain that is right on top of the visual cortex," she said. Perhaps it was before patients had anaesthesia, or at some safe point during an operation long before cardiac arrest," Braitwaite said. Another U.

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It's something a lot of people wonder about. And they often ask about it in terms of a possible "second chance" after death. Phrased that way I think the question is confusing. It implies that people have only a "first chance" in this life, and that God would somehow be very strict if He did not give them a "second chance" after they die. The truth is, however, that in this life God gives people almost innumerable chances to draw near to Him through repentance and faith. God is present even in the depths of the hearts of people who have never heard the gospel message, through no fault of their own, calling them to respond to their conscience and follow His Way.

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To the extent that they do respond positively to the call and help of His grace - even if they do not know Him by name - they can still be saved. The Catechism tells us in entry "Those who, through no fault of their own, do not know the Gospel of Christ or His Church, but who nevertheless seek God with a sincere heart, and, moved by grace, try in their actions to do His will as they know it through the dictates of their conscience - these too may achieve eternal salvation.

If you know the Christian fantasy books by C. Lewis, The Chronicles of Narnia , you may recall in the last book of the series, The Last Battle , the story of a pagan knight so to speak named Emeth and how he is finally welcomed into Aslan's heavenly country. It's a beautiful illustration of this doctrine of the Church.

Heaven Before I Die

In short, everyone has had plenty of opportunities to turn to God in their hearts before they die. What St. Faustina teaches is that God continues calling the lost soul and reaching out to the lost soul with His grace, even to the very last moment of the person's life. She writes in Diary entry So, the Good Shepherd keeps seeking out His lost sheep, right until they draw their very last breath.

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Even if they are unconscious at the end, then in the very depths of their souls He searches them out. That is why we can never be sure if some soul was truly lost or not, even if they never showed any outward sign of repentance and faith at all; the Lord searches them out in the depths of their hearts in ways we cannot see.

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Their "one last chance" is at the moment of death.