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He loves Money and Sex, especially combined.

He also loves to spend all the money from his hard work on luxury goods. You can find him on Twitter: fleischmws. We will use the cultural center and all the space we have for different skillsharings and activities. Everyone is welcome to contribute — you can write to us before or just organize it yourself! It can be anything from arts and crafts or knitting, to physical activities or tarot.

You can bring your own laptops along or just join us and participate with your questions or ideas! Topics could be: Which smartphone messenger is the safest and why?

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How can I encrypt my e-mails? We will adjust our content to the wishes and questions of those who participate and it can be anything according to the motto privacy.

Shared Paradoxes in Namibian and German History — Lucia Engombe’s

Content Warning: My presentation will focus on psychiatric hospitals, mental illness, ableism and violence in psychiatric settings. I will start this presentation by giving an overview of different forms of psychiatric hospitals and other forms of inpatient treatment of mentally ill people. I will talk about how inpatient treatment, but also coercive measures might look like.

In the second part of my presentation I will examine the system of psychiatric hospitalization from a critical lense. I will talk about the denial of agency of patients, shortcomings of the system, mistreatment and violence against patients of psychiatric hospitals. My main topics include intersectional feminism, rape culture, sexual violence, antiracism, mental illnesses and ableism. Drawing people naked helps to look closely, to question and change visual habits and perception.

My workshop should provide the opportunity to experiment on drawing, modeling, or both in an as safe as possible room. Everyone tries to be careful with each other. Anyone can leave the room or interrupt the workshop at any time. Paper and pencils are available, but you can also bring your own drawing material. Experience is not required — it is all about trying out and learning from each other. The workshop is open to everyone. The existing transhostile views in feminisms are as complex and varied as the different feminist movements themselves.

Within certain feminisms voicing and deliberately advocating these transhostile views it is impossible to tie these convictions to a lack of knowledge or sensibility. These views refer to the intentional exclusion of trans people, especially of trans femininities. These views are based on the lowest form of biologism, linking gender to the body. These views that have been criticized heavily under certain circumstances, are now suddenly used against trans people now and again by reversing victims and offenders and presenting trans people as a closed and empowered group.

Additionally we want to point out other contradictions of transhostile feminists seeking solidarity with antifeminists because their views on transhostility coincide in similar way as close alliances can exist with racist convictions. It is our goal to present an overview of this topic and to shed light on this specific form of transhostility within feminist movements. It is clearly not our intention to pass on our responsibility by giving this lecture. We will focus on small and specific groups of people. We want to call attention to certain attitudes and topics, and request a general feminist responsibility to consciously scrutinize the discrimination of trans people.

Therefore, we will use our knowledge and experiences to convey these convictions and to open our eyes to our own views and attitudes. Unfortunately we have to acknowledge that these kinds of cissexist mindsets can even be found within trans people themselves who are far from any form of intentional transhostility. Dildos, strap-ons, butt plugs — sextoys can be used to experiment in sexual encounters and to detach genitalia from their normative assignments. But do sextoys belong to norms for queer sex and are there any norms for queer sex? And how can we be empowered?

Who has got access to sextoys and can bodies make genderqueer sex even queerer? And what does good sex mean for us if it is not about reaching an orgasm? In our workshop we want to talk about sex, norms and possibilities to make genderqueer sex even queerer. We want to find out the relevance of normative conceptions of sex in genderqueer sexual encounters, disclose cis- hetero normative behavior and discuss ways to dismantle it. Together we want to renounce genital simplifications and try to find possibilities to see genitalia in a different way.

The workshop is limited to 15 participants. We will create an open space for people to talk about different topics, so if you have any wishes, questions or subjects than please let us know and we will try to integrate them if we can. Supportive cis-people can participate in the first part.

Vilinga vya Miluwa 10, Livulu lya Shukulu Kalunga (MBB) | The Bible App

Lecture with ensuing discussion on the stories and realities of being Jewish. As an i mpetus to think differently about Jewish people and their present and history. It is about learning other perspectives of Jewish history, culture and life outside Shoah and Israeli state politics. It is about Jewish and thus oppressed perspectives. It remains complicated. The lecture itself has German and English parts. We are multiple ourselves and will try to talk and act in an empowered way about these experiences and ways of being that are often seen as sick and wrong.

Hello everybody! Would you like to experiment with your musicality or share your existing skills with others? Great, we do too! We are two white potatoes who define themselves as genderqueer and cis-male. In our spare time we like to make music together and we want to offer other people the opportunity to join us. This workshop is open to everybody, no matter if you have ever held an instrument in your hands before or used your voice to sing or maybe have made some experiences already and want to show them to others. We ourselves are no professionals and just want to have fun.

We want to create a safe space for all of us to sit together and just see where the journey will take us. You will have the possibility to choose from different instruments or you may just want to use your own voice. The theme will be: you can do anything you like, without pressure.

The workshop will be open for your wishes and ideas! Our most important policy is to respect each other.

In her workshop SchwarzRund will present different perspectives on the term Femme in queer contexts, elaborate on other Femme-centered localizations and discuss critical aspects of history and the present negotiations. The workshop should not be seen as a final conclusion but rather as a presentation of different search movements for non-binary identifications that do not exclusively refer to masculine perspectives. Since she has been publishing her work in her own blog schwarzrund. She dedicates her performance in texts, lectures and events to more-dimensional living realities within or outside of Communities.

Lahya Stefanie-Lahya Aukongo is a freelancing artist, author, poet, curator, multiplicator, photographer, activist, teamer for workshops and singer. Is this too much for one person? Surely not! Some of the most important topics she devotes herself to are decolonization, dreams, traumata, self love , intersectionality, healing, privileges, identities and warm strawberry ice-cream.

As an artist she describes the reality she lives in and the way she sees the world around her in her music, photography, poetry and hugs. A selection of her poems and spoken word texts has been published as well. She considers it as a public appeal to not only listen to her poetry on stage but to feel it too.

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She also faced difficulties in her working life, despite being well-qualified. Now, thanks to the success of her autobiography, she works as a writer in Berlin. Claus Hipp is a familiar face in Germany, not least because he personally appears in the commercials for his baby food company. On Talking Germany he'll be talking about jars of cereal, organic farming and good manners.