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Payasam source. A traditional dessert, prepared during the festival of Onam or any other occasion is a simple rice pudding or kheer , made in almost all the households across Kerala. The most authentic version of this Kerala food dish is made out of rice ada which is easily available in any Keralite grocery store , sugar, milk and ghee.

After all any special occasion is incomplete without the favourite payasam! The traditional authentic Kerala meal, Sadhya is served with rice and dishes in a fresh plantain leaf. The most popular festival in Kerala Onam is incomplete without this traditional meal. The side dishes are collectively called as?

Achar pickle , puli inji ginger-tamarind paste , pappadam, pazham banana , kayyavarathathu banana chips , moru buttermilk and parippu dal and ghee paste are other dishes served with? Kootan differs in preparation and flavour. If you have never tried having an authentic Kerala sadhya, don't forget to give it a try next time when you visit the state. The preparations for sadhya is simple and so it is the mostly served meal for weddings and other functions in Kerala.

Filled with healthy ingredients of gram and pumpkin, is one of the traditional kootan in Kerala cuisine. The blend of coconut and other spices cumin, turmeric, etc along with the vegetables is amazing. It is should be savoured with hot rice for a better experience. Erissery is one of the main side dish kootan served in sadhya. The prominent cuisine from Thalassery the northernmost town in Kerala is a special biryani with relishing aroma and taste. Made of kaima or biryani rice, authentic masala made of specific spices and dry nuts and stuffed meat, this dish is made especially during the celebration of Eid in Malabar region of Kerala.

The dish is especially savoured with curd, lime pickle naranga achar and salad. The red piquant Kerala chicken curry is a perfect blend of spices and meat. If you are hardcore non-vegetarian, this is a must try. You can have naadan kozhi curry with almost anything- plain rice, ghee rice, pulao, biryani, naan, pathiri, chapati and even with a piece of bread.

Kerala Style Fuljar Soda - How To Make Fuljar Soda at Home - Fuljar Soda Kerala Style - Street Food

It is a mouth-watering dish. Indulge in the marinated beef in roasted coconut gravy, especially the chipped coconut which is delectable.

What is Fuljar Soda | Kerala Food Trends | Soft Drinks in Kerala | Manorama English

Erachi varutharacha curry could be had with puttu and appam. Very sweet dessert with spices and nuts, ada pradhaman is the king of kheers in Kerala.

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With a warm and pleasant aroma, this payasam or kheer is a unique blend of thick coconut milk, jaggery and baked rice adda. It is specially served at the end of a sadhya as a dessert. With similarities to Italian dish lasagna, chatti pathiri is layered pastry mostly prepared in Northern Malabar region. This sweet is made of flour, egg and oil and specially seasoned with cardamom and other spices along with nuts and dry fruits-One of the major dish prepared at the end of Ramadan fasting period.

Kallu or coconut toddy is an exotic drink prepared from tender coconut in Kerala. It is of two kinds- sour and sweet.

The local prepare vinegar, palm jaggery and yeast from this palm toddy. If you are visiting Kerala, try watching the local extracting toddy from the coconut tree. It would be a very interesting experience. Cassava or Tapioca is referred to as Kappa in Malayalam.

Kappa is boiled to form a smooth texture and then eaten with Meen Fish Curry. The spicy red Meen Curry with tamarind and coconut and Kappa is a staple combination in Kerala cuisine. Mussel Stir Fry is eaten along with Kappa or Rice and curries as a side dish. Mussels are cooked with onions, garlic, chillies, garam masala, turmeric, salt and yes, shredded coconut. Buff Masala Roast Bu. Boneless buff gravy made in Kerala style with onions, tomatoes, caspicum, and chopped coconut slices. Appam Sambhar.

Taste of Kerala Kitchen Menu

Dosha Sambhar. Kadala Curry Channa. Black chickpeas cooked with spices and roasted coconut. Kerala Kadala curry is a very popular and traditional dish of Kerala. Vegetable Stew Combo. Vegetable Stew is a delicious and popular South Indian recipe which is prepared with carrots, potatoes,beans, curry leaves boiled in coconut milk broth. Kappa Fish Curry. The delicate flavour of Kappa tapioca along with generous helpings of spicy and flavourful Fish Curry has been a favourite for ages. The boiled Kappa soaks in the masala mix of the fish and makes for a sumptuous meal.

Fish Curry Combo. Kerala Fish Curry made in tangy malabar tamarin. Chicken Curry Combo. Chicken Stew Combo. Chicken slow cooked in the broth of coconut milk.

Kerala Kitchen

Buff Curry Combo. Buffalo Meat Curry cooked in authentic Kerala style. Puttu Combo. Puttu is a breakfast dish eaten in Kerala. It is made of steamed ground rice prepared in traditional vessels where a perforated coconut shell is attached to a section of bamboo layered with coconut. Pazham pori aka Ethakka appam or banana Kerala Plantain fritters is a traditional evening snack item in Kerala.

Sulaimani Lime Tea S. Sulaimani tea is one drink that everyone will fall in love with tea drinker or not. It looks stunning, and tastes ambrosial, sulaimani is flavored with cardamom,cinnamon, lemon,palm jaggery and honey. Chayya Kerala Tea. Nendran banana chips made in coconut oil g. Jackfruit Chips. Kerala Mixture. Achappam Rosecookie. Achappam is a sweet and crunchy snack from the kitchens of Kerela g.

Typically cardamom and saffron are used to flavour this drink; but there are many other spices that you can experiment with like black pepper; black salt, ginger and a dash of cinnamon. An ideal way would be to make the drink without any spices and add the flavours just before you are ready to serve; this way you can change flavours Tuesday, 21 May Monday, 20 May Peanut Butter Lassi is a refreshing protein filled drink that is perfect to be had mid morning or on a warm afternoon.

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This lassi is a cross between milkshakes and smoothie and it is cooling and refreshing drink in the summers. Monday, 13 May Curry Leaves Buttermilk Recipe, is cooling curd based Indian drink, popularly known as chaas. It is simple to make and it a great summer cooler. This recipe here is flavoured with Curry leaves and green chilli giving it lovely South Indian notes. Strawberry Yogurt Lassi is a quick and refreshing way to beat the summer heat. Lassi is a popular summer drink which is made with chilled yogurt and is served sweet or salty.

It helps you beat the summer heat and it is good for you. Addition of strawberries add an amazing taste and colour to this humble summer drink. Serve Strawberry Yogurt Lassi The Chatpata Aam Panna is a delicious mango drink that is made during the summer using raw mango and Bisleri Fonzo which is a delicious mango drink. This recipe of Aam Ka Panna is flavored with cardamom, fennel, black pepper adding to the refreshing taste. Raw mangoes are really good for summer and aam panna is a popular drink since it helps prevent heat strokes and cools you down. There are many versions of aam panna.

Some use Jaggery and some use sugar. The colour of the aam panna depends on what Indian Drink Recipes. Archana Doshi Wednesday, 30 October Get Recipe. Published in Indian Drink Recipes.

Soda in Kerala -

Archana's Kitchen Saturday, 10 August Archana's Kitchen Thursday, 08 August Masala Soda Shikanji Recipe. Archana's Kitchen Wednesday, 07 August Sweet Mint Lassi Recipe. Rose Lassi Recipe. Archana's Kitchen Wednesday, 24 July Sweet Lime Soda Recipe.

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