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My first magic door story was Mr. Was , based on a recurring dream from my childhood. Certain concepts and characters in Mr. Was are reprised and extended in The Klaatu Diskos. Magic doors can be treated as science fiction The Time Machine or fantasy Narnia. Often, they are both. In The Klaatu Diskos , the science behind the portals is fantasy, really. But the surrounding events are purely sci-fi, in the same way that space operas employ fantasy technology to move characters from one star system to another.

The FTL device is not usually science-based, and must be taken with a large dose of Suspension of Disbelief, but all subsequent events are somewhat plausible. LeGuin , a meditation on scapegoating.

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I always loved that story, which pulls off sci-fi preachiness with remarkable grace. As did I. And, of course, the word scapegoat comes from the Bible.

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The story of Jesus Christ can be framed as an example of—even an argument for —scapegoating. Pippi, et al. I love spunky, tough, resourceful young women. The Bible.

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  4. Aimed at older children again. I'm enjoying this, will keep thinking! Gwynewth Rees- The Magic Princess Dress, and the rest of that series has magic mirrors to pass into other worlds. Great books for an audience of year old girls. Jack Stalwart - a book series where the boy is a secret agent and he gets transported through a map to different parts of the world to complete his missions. Sounds ridiculous by they're really good! Time hunters series - books where a boy is sent back in time to all different eras to fund amulets.

    It's not so much a portal but rather a tornado like wind which whips him through time. The Story of the Amulet by E. The Keys to the Kingdom series by Garth Nix. There's one called Follow me Down where a boy slips through time in the basement of an old house. Can't remember who wrote it offhand. And not just LWW from the Narnia series! Aside from the Horse and his Boy they all do The magicians nephew has rings that transport you to a centre world, and from there on to others The wardrobe, of course The Horn of Susan, blown in Narnia, summons the pevensies back in Prince Caspian The painting in the Dawn Treader, and then the wall of water at the end of the world.

    The doorway in the school to Aslans country in The Silver Chair. The girl from tomorrow - tv show where she has a transducer for time travel.

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    Has anyone said dr who??! Magic Animal Friends is a lovely series of books. Brand new Book. The past. Seller Inventory LHB More information about this seller Contact this seller. Book Description iUniverse, New Book.

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    View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title What would you give to change your past? From the Author : Have you ever done something you regret? Change it all