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Dobrin, R. Minimum spanning trees on random networks. Andrade, J. Fracturing the optimal paths. Oliveira, E. Optimal-path cracks in correlated and uncorrelated lattices. Ubiquitous fractal dimension of optimal paths.

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Schrenk, K. Fracturing ranked surfaces. Daryaei, E. Watersheds are schramm-loewner evolution curves.

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Burger, B. A comparison of hydrological and topological watersheds. Schwanghart, W. Image Process. Freeman, T. Calculating catchment area with divergent flow based on a regular grid. Quinn, P. The prediction of hillslope flow paths for distributed hydrological modelling using digital terrain models. Costa-Cabral, M. Tarboton, D. A new method for the determination of flow directions and upslope areas in grid digital elevation models.

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Peckham, R. Digital terrain modelling Springer, Gruber, S. Shelef, E. Impact of flow routing on catchment area calculations, slope estimates, and numerical simulations of landscape development. Beucher, S. Use of Watersheds in Contour Detection. Wilkinson, D. Invasion percolation: a new form of percolation theory.

A Math. Stauffer, D. Busby, C.

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Tectonics of sedimentary basins: Recent advances Wiley-Blackwell, Fisher, Y. The science of fractal images Springer, Montgomery, D. Clauset, A. Power-Law Distributions in Empirical Data. Hargitai, H. Wohl, E. Transience of channel head locations following disturbance. Grieve, S. How does grid-resolution modulate the topographic expression of geomorphic processes. Fractal river basins: Chance and self-organization University Press, Morais, P. Fractality of eroded coastlines of correlated landscapes.

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Nadaraya, E. On estimating regression. Theory Probab. Watson, G. Smooth regression analysis. A 26 , — Download references. All authors reviewed the manuscript. Correspondence to Erneson A. Reprints and Permissions. A universal approach for drainage basins. Sci Rep 9, doi Download citation. By submitting a comment you agree to abide by our Terms and Community Guidelines.

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Advanced search. Skip to main content. Subjects Hydrology Statistical physics, thermodynamics and nonlinear dynamics. Abstract Drainage basins are essential to Geohydrology and Biodiversity.

Download PDF. Introduction Drainage basins play a fundamental role in the hydrologic cycle, which make them essential to diversity and maintenance of Life on Earth 1. The Model In , Fehr et al. Figure 1. Full size image.

Results We applied the IPBA model to real and artificial landscapes in order to study the statistical properties of the drainage basins on Earth, Moon, and Mars. Figure 2. Figure 3. Figure 4. Full size table. Figure 5. Figure 6. Discussion We proposed a general model to fully delineate multiple drainage basins for any given landscape of heights through an extension of the IPBA.

Data Availability All data used in this manuscript are free available. References 1. Article Google Scholar 8. Article Google Scholar Article PubMed Google Scholar Google Scholar Andrade Jr. Herrmann Authors Search for Erneson A.

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Ethics declarations Competing Interests The authors declare no competing interests. Supplementary information. Supplementary Information: A universal approach for drainage basins. About this article. Stolen Kisses by Carolyn Keene. Brittany Tate's romance with college student Jack… More. Shelve Stolen Kisses. Book 5. Between the Lines by Carolyn Keene. Nikki and Tim have the romantic leads in the… More.